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Grow at Scale with AGMS Enterprise Payment Processing

Welcome to AGMS’s Enterprise Solutions, your gateway to secure, fast and reliable global payment processing and merchant services tailored specifically for large businesses and enterprises. Our PCI DSS-compliant omnichannel payment processing solutions seamlessly connect with your business management software, providing a hassle-free experience.

With AGMS, you can oversee all facets of your enterprise payments in real-time and access synchronized, detailed online and in-store reporting per location or across multiple locations. Custom API integrations provide maximum versatility and processing optimization for seamless, efficient and cost-effective payment processing at scale.

Secure, Fast, and Reliable Global Payment Processing
Easily Connect Your Business Management Software
Oversee All Facets of Your Enterprise Payments in Real-Time
Synchronized, Detailed Online and In-Store Reporting
Optimize Card Payments to Reduce Interchange Fees

Customize with API Integrations for Versatility

Tailor your payment systems with custom API integrations for maximum versatility. We work with clients across numerous industries and alongside the world’s most trusted API integration partners.

Sync Quickbooks® or Other Software for Process Automation

Easily sync Quickbooks® and/or other accounting software and enterprise infrastructure to integrate payment processing and automate bookkeeping, CRM, and other operational processes.

Deploy our Solutions for Recurring Billing

Use AGMS Gateway Solutions to schedule custom recurring billing including memberships and subscriptions. Configured to auto bill on a specific day, week, or month indefinitely or up to a certain date.

Connect with the Wex Voyager Fleet Card Network

Serve fleet customers by connecting to the Wex Voyager Fleet Card Network. Drive more revenue and growth by connecting to the largest nationwide fleet card network in the industry.

Christy Ortega

President - @UnCommon Bistro

“I needed two solutions for collecting payments on the go. And it was a seasonal need, so we didn’t want to get stuck with costs all year long. Avant-Garde did such an amazing job making sure our ecommerce solution matched our cash flow!”

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