Payment Solutions For The Healthcare Industry

Payment Processing

Deliver a quality healthcare experience with smart, secure payment processing solutions from AGMS.

AGMS: Your Partner for HIPPA-Compliant Healthcare Payment Solutions

At AGMS, We’re redefining healthcare payment processing with our tailored solutions designed for doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals, health systems, and veterinary offices. Our HIPAA, NFC-, and PCI-compliant secure software and hardware ensure the highest standards of data security.

Patients benefit from flexible and convenient payment options, with data seamlessly linked between health benefit plans and healthcare providers, fostering a positive and efficient experience. Healthcare professionals enjoy a significant reduction in paperwork and an improvement in operational efficiency.

Whether you’re a single-practice, multi-location, or enterprise-level healthcare organization, you can rely on AGMS to enhance the financial health of your business and the quality of the healthcare experience you deliver to patients with our innovative and secure payment solutions for the healthcare industry.

Custom payment solutions for doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals

HIPPA, NFC- and PCI-compliant secure software and hardware

Provide patients with flexible and convenient ways to pay

Sync data between health benefit plans, healthcare providers, and patients

Reduce paperwork and improve operational efficiency

Single-practice, multi-location and enterprise solutions

Our Solutions

Seamless and Secure Custom Payment Solutions for Medical Professionals

Welcome to a seamless and secure new era in healthcare payment processing with AGMS’s custom payment solutions for medical professionals including doctors, dentists, small healthcare clinics, veterinarians, and large healthcare systems and hospitals. Regardless of your specialty, size, or scale, we have the right solutions for your practice!


Explore how AGMS's customized payment processing products for dentists can streamline your operations ensuring smooth transactions and enhanced financial management.


Improve patient satisfaction and reduce the administrative burdens of your medical practice with our smart payment solutions for doctors, including multi-office practices.


Empower your hospital's financial operations with AGMS's state-of-the-art, customizable payment processing solutions ensuring a seamless and efficient patient experience.

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