Payment Solutions For Service Companies

Payment Processing
For Professional Services

Elevate your professional service business with our payment solutions, ensuring streamlined transactions, transparent pricing, and tailored features for efficient and secure payment processing.

Supercharge Your Service Business with AGMS Payment Solutions

Excelling in professional services demands efficient operations and great customer experiences. At AGMS, we empower professional services companies with our state-of-the-art payment processing solutions and merchant services. We provide tailored solutions for a diverse range of service industries including Automotive Dealerships, Contractors and Home Repair, Legal, Accounting and Bookkeeping, IT Services, Creative Services, and others.

Service companies love AGMS for our high-quality PCI DSS and NFC-compliant payment processing hardware and software that lets them offer customers flexible, convenient and secure ways to pay, including via POS terminals in-store or online, mobile and contactless card readers, and more.

Our POS software also enables service companies to manage appointments, inventory, customer relationships, sales data, and much more. Whether operating from a single store, multiple locations, or remotely, we help small service businesses scale and large businesses operate more efficiently.

Custom payment processing for professional service businesses

Automotive, Contractors, Home Repair, Legal, Financial, IT, Creative Services and more

Quick and easy set-up

Secure PCI DSS and NFC-compliant hardware and software

Accept payments in-store or online with POS, web, mobile and contactless solutions

Grow your business with smart client, inventory and marketing management tools

Our Solutions

Payment Processing Tailored for Your Professional Service Company

AGMS customizes our payment processing solutions to suit the unique needs of your professional service company. Whether that means synching with QuickBooks or other popular apps to facilitate electronic invoicing, appointment setting, CRM, product management, social media, texting or email marketing; our POS software for professional services can take you beyond payments and provide you with the technology to manage your business in the most seamless, efficient manner.


Drive your automotive services to new heights with AGMS's streamlined payment solutions, optimizing transactions and enhancing customer experiences.

Contractors and Home Repair

Ensure every transaction is as finely tuned as your craft. Whether you're renovating, repairing or building anew, AGMS makes certain your payments are seamless.

Creative Services

Imagine the possibilities of our advanced payment technologies. Get creative with our customizable integration options and expand your horizons beyond transactions.

Financial, Accounting and Bookkeeping

In finance, accounting and bookkeeping, precision is paramount. AGMS brings finesse to every transaction, providing payment solutions tailored to the exacting standards of this industry.

IT Services

In the world of IT, agility, efficiency and security are your currencies. That’s why IT pros love AGMS payment processing technology. We provide more of all three.


Optimize your legal practice with AGMS payment solutions, offering secure transactions and convenient payment options for clients.

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