Custom Payment Solutions For Retailers

Payment Processing

Discover smart, secure, custom payment solutions for retail businesses of all sizes and kinds including specialty, convenience, and chain stores, online retailers, and more.

Revolutionize Your Retail Experience with AGMS Payment Solutions

At AGMS, we provide customized Retail Payment Processing solutions tailored for a wide range of retail business types – everything from clothing and apparel stores to home goods, supermarkets, discount stores, and more. Our comprehensive suite of products and services ensures seamless customer experiences, whether in-store or online, with fast, secure, and reliable global payment processing.

Our PCI DSS and NFC-compliant software and hardware ensure the highest standards of security and enable retailers to provide their customers with smooth and seamless payment transactions that elevate their shopping experience.

Whether in-person or online our countertop, mobile, and contactless payment solutions let you unlock the full potential of your retail business, not just purchases but operational management tools for inventory, sales analytics, and CRM. Our systems can be tailored with dozens of popular API integrations and easily scale with the growth of your business. We make set-up, easy and back it with industry-leading customer service.

Seamless retail customer experiences

Fast, secure and convenient transactions

In-person and Online POS solutions:

Single-location, multi-location, franchises

Integrate with QuickBooks and other popular software

Quick and easy setup

Our Solutions

Custom Payment Solutions Tailored for Your Retail Business

Beer, Wine and Liquor Store

Uncork seamless transactions and enhance customer experiences with tailored payment processing solutions for your Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores.

CBD Store

Help ensure the success of your CBD Retail Business by providing an elevated, professional customer experience with secure and efficient payment solutions.

Clothing and Apparel Store

Step into the future of retail with AGMS. Explore our innovative payment processing solutions for Clothing and Apparel Stores. You’ll discover that flexible, seamless transactions are in fashion.

Home Goods

Transform your Home Goods Store with cutting-edge payment processing solutions from AGMS. From point-of-sale to online transactions, AGMS has you covered.

Grocery Store

From quick checkouts in-store to fast, easy online orders, discover how AGMS can enhance your customers' Grocery Store shopping experience.

Online Retail Store

Unlock the full potential of your online retail business with secure and versatile payment processing solutions from AGMS. Seamlessly integrate online transactions and elevate the digital shopping journey.

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