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Transforming Transactions: AGMS' Contactless Payment Solutions

AGMS is redefining the way you do business by embracing the latest in payments technology. In a fast-paced world, traditional payment methods are evolving to keep up with the demands of modern commerce. One such evolution is “Contactless Payments.” 

Contactless payments are a convenient and secure way to complete transactions without the need for physical contact between the payment device (typically a credit card, smartphone, or wearable device) and the point-of-sale terminal. This technology employs Near Field Communication (NFC), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and EMV standards to reduce germ transmission and enable safe, swift, hassle-free payments.

There are various types of contactless payments, including mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, contactless credit cards (“tap and go” cards, magnetic stripe and chip payments), and wearables such as smartwatches or key fobs. At AGMS, you’ll find a wide variety of customizable POS and mobile contactless solutions for your business needs.

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Explore Our Customer-Friendly, Contactless POS Solutions

In-Person and Online Contactless POS

Optimize your online store's success with our payment solutions, providing secure and customizable options, streamlined checkout processes, recurring billing schedules, and transparent pricing for a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Contactless POS Software & Hardware

Elevate your business infrastructure with our cutting-edge hardware solutions, featuring state-of-the-art terminals, contactless capabilities, and EMV compliance for a secure and efficient payment experience.

NFC Point of Sale Terminals

Our NFC-capable terminals provide a cutting-edge and secure solution for accepting payments, allowing businesses to swiftly process transactions through contactless methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, enhancing customer convenience and payment efficiency.

Multi-Location Contactless POS Systems

Empower your business with our remote and virtual solutions, offering a suite of secure and user-friendly tools for processing payments, managing transactions, and enhancing overall efficiency, regardless of geographical constraints.

Enterprise Contactless Payment Systems

Empower your large-scale enterprise with our sophisticated payment processing solutions, incorporating client-side encryption, developer-friendly APIs, fraud tools, PCI compliance, and tailored services for seamless scalability across multiple locations or online operations.

Mobile Contactless POS Solutions

Enhance your business mobility with our cutting-edge mobile POS solutions, empowering you to accept payments on-the-go, manage transactions efficiently, and provide a seamless, secure, and versatile point-of-sale experience wherever your business takes you.


Mobile Wallet Payment Processing

Streamline your payment process with our mobile wallet payment processing, offering users a swift and secure method to make transactions through popular platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay, enhancing convenience for both businesses and customers.

Contactless Payment Systems for Retail Stores

Transform your retail experience with our comprehensive payment solutions, offering seamless point-of-sale management, secure contactless and chip payments, and transparent pricing for a thriving business.

Contactless Payment Terminals for Restaurants

Revolutionize your restaurant's payment experience with our tailored services, providing efficient point-of-sale solutions, transparent billing and invoicing, and streamlined inventory management for seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Contactless POS Systems for Hospitality

Transform your hospitality business with our specialized payment solutions, offering detailed reporting, streamlined billing, and versatile payment options to elevate the guest experience and optimize operational efficiency.

Provide Quick and Easy Checkouts

Accelerate transactions with seamless, contactless payments, reducing wait times and enhancing the customer checkout experience.

Accept Contactless, Chip and Magnetic Stripe Payments

Our versatile contactless payment solutions support a wide variety of payment methods, ensuring you can cater to all customer preferences.

Take Contactless Mobile Payments from iPhone & Android

Accept contactless mobile payments from iPhone and Android devices, providing unrivaled convenience and flexibility for your customers.

Enjoy State-of-the Art Transaction Security

Our contactless payment solutions provide state-of-the-art transaction security, utilizing advanced technologies like tokenization to keep data safe.

Our Most Popular Contactless Terminals

Empower your business with AGMS smart payment solutions. AGMS offers a range of innovative contactless terminals designed to revolutionize your payment processing. These advanced devices ensure seamless, secure transaction experiences while also allowing merchants to manage their business more efficiently.

PAX A920

The most popular Android smart mobile payment terminal


State-of-the-art compact Android smart terminal

Dejavoo QD2

High-end mobile wireless Android smart terminal

Dejavoo QD4

All-in-one, high-end Android desktop terminal

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