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Payment Processing

Rely on AGMS for PCI DSS and NFC-compliant secure payment processing for the public sector including government, municipalities, and government-controlled enterprises.

Government Payment Solutions That Make Good Public Policy

AGMS is your premier destination for cutting-edge payment processing and merchant services tailored for the government. AGMS is dedicated to revolutionizing financial operations for government agencies, municipalities, utilities, taxing authorities, those handling licensing and permitting, and more.

Our industry-leading payment processing hardware and software ensure fast, secure PCI DSS and NFC-compliant transactions. AGMS Government clients are able to offer citizens flexible and convenient payment options through POS, web, mobile, contactless, and other channels, fostering citizen satisfaction.

Our solutions go beyond traditional payment processing, enabling clients to invoice promptly, accelerate payment cycles, and significantly reduce paperwork, thereby enhancing operational efficiency. AGMS is committed to delivering unparalleled service and providing government entities with the tools needed to meet government service excellence.

Fast, secure PCI DSS and NFC-compliant payment processing

Invoice more quickly, get paid faster

Provide citizens with flexible and convenient ways to pay: POS, Web, Mobile

Improve government satisfaction with your constituency

Reduce paperwork and improve operational efficiency

Our Solutions

Smart, Secure Payment Solutions for Public Sector Entities

AGMS is committed to delivering cutting-edge payment processing services designed to meet the unique needs of diverse public sector entities. Whether you’re a government agency, local, state or federal municipality, utility, or public agency handling taxation or licensing, AGMS empowers you with secure, advanced tools and technologies to meet your individual needs.

Government Agencies

Enhance your government agency with advanced payment solutions ensuring efficient, secure transactions and improved citizen satisfaction.


Transform municipal financial operations with seamless payment processing for enhanced convenience and streamlined administrative workflows.


Powers your utility with our industry-leading, flexible payment processing solutions enabling swift and convenient transactions, and quicker remittances.

Taxing Authorities

Streamline transactions, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to increased taxpayer satisfaction with our fast and secure solutions for taxing authorities.

Licensing & Permitting

Explore how AGMS can simplify licensing and permitting accelerating payment processing, reducing paperwork, and optimizing governmental performance.

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