about agms

We Knew the Payment Process Could Be Better!

AGMS is an ethics and technology driven, highly competitive company in the merchant service space.

Our founder, Teresa Madrigal, started her company 20 years ago after a dreadful and shocking experience with a competitor in this industry.

Since then, businesses tend to come to us when they are tired of being lied to, continually dealing with hidden fees, constantly finding their rates are increasing, and because they are completely frustrated since they can’t find anyone to help them when they have a problem or question about their merchant account.

Do any of these challenges ring true for you? If so, we invite you to reach out us today! We welcome the opportunity to earn your Trust… AND your business!

about agms

Payment Processing Meets Purpose

Meet Your Team

AGMS wholeheartedly supports the following organizations:

Teresa Gouldd


After 20 years in the payment processing industry, AGMS has encountered an unprecedented evolution in technology, as well as a dramatic shift in our society. While these changes certainly made it very difficult for many businesses to remain competitive, my belief in and respect for all business owners remains paramount. AGMS has been a blessing as well as an incredible journey. I was incredibly fortunate to begin this company in 2003 with my newborn daughter in one hand and a phone in the other. The logistics of this industry were very challenging as there was much for me to learn. This remains true as I continue to learn every day. Throughout the journey, I realized every challenge I have overcome has its reward. The greatest of these is helping business owners with the utmost integrity while building long-term relationships.

Rayanne Ragle​


With over eleven years of prior financial experience, Rayanne is exactly what Avant-Garde needs to succeed. Since 2010, she has played a vital role in building a solid foundation of leadership within AGMS, and we look forward to Rayanne’s continued commitment to providing our company and clients with exceptional service.

Frances Deutsch

Executive Account Manager

Since joining AGMS, Frances was able to reach the highest position in the company in record time. She brings over 20 years of successful entrepreneurship, having built several construction, direct sales, and interior design companies. As a single mom her greatest joy has been raising her son, admiring his success as he graduated from Texas A&M, and seeing him thrive in a prosperous career all while sharing it with the love of his life. As Frances exponentially expands her portfolio throughout the country, she relishes helping small business owners. Her extensive knowledge and expertise garner an extraordinary number of referrals and recommendations from our clients.

Pete Sorgich

Executive Account Manager

After graduating from Indiana University, Pete worked for several large corporations where he assisted large and small companies with their business needs. Throughout his career, he realized that helping small businesses was his passion. When afforded the opportunity to work with Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, he enthusiastically joined forces because he recognized that AGMS is committed to assisting businesses with prosperity and growth without compromising their ethics.

Alex Sarabia

Executive Account Manager

With over nineteen years of experience in the merchant service industry, Alex is committed to helping business owners find the right solutions for their needs. Alex has enabled thousands of business owners around the country to pursue their dreams and passions by maximizing their profits and providing exceptional customer service. He is determined to make an impact in the Latino community by protecting fellow Hispanic business owners from banks and others looking to take advantage.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick

Executive Account Manager

Rebecca, a native of Phoenix, AZ, headed to southern California for college. After studying business at the University of Redlands, Rebecca moved back to Arizona and went on to pursue other interests but usually landed in the sales arena. After cherishing her time as a stay-at-home mom, Rebecca has been an independent business consultant with Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions since its inception in 2003. When not strategizing on behalf of clients, Rebecca can often be found on the golf course with her daughter, who is a professional golfer, or spending time with her son, an ASU student majoring in computer engineering.

Dan Leggett

Executive Account Manager

Dan Leggett has served the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, representing AGMS since 2004. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in business administration in accounting and finance, he has witnessed AGMS invest more than 20 years into research and development in order to save companies from merchant service providers that have flooded the credit card industry with their deceitful practices. He enjoys helping small businesses and non-profits with ethical and professional services provided by AGMS. He currently resides in Maplewood with his wife, Linda. Together they love visiting antique shops, traveling, and spending time with their son, Peter.

Nathan & Gayle Wright

Executive Account Manager

Nathan and Gayle Wright live in Murfreesboro, TN. They are a unique team dedicated to serving others. Working with AGMS, they assist hundreds of small businesses with their credit card processing needs. Prior to joining AGMS, Gayle was a teacher at Middle Tennessee Christian School and has worked alongside Nathan in various church ministries for almost 30 years. They tell business owners who have questions about Point of Sale options, processing rates (or anything else) that if they want the long answer, ask Nathan, but if they want the short answer, ask Gayle! Outside of work, Nathan enjoys reading books on health and spirituality while Gayle enjoys reading The Message version of the Bible. They both love spending time with their daughter and grandson.