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for Small Businesses

Trust AGMS for customizable payment processing solutions for your small businesses. Keep your customers happy and your sales growing!

Empower Small Business Success with AGMS Payment Solutions

Welcome to AGMS, where we understand that the heartbeat of a thriving economy lies in the success of small businesses. We offer a diverse array of merchant services and payment processing solutions for a wide range of individual small business types.

Our solutions are expertly designed to help propel small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to new heights with all the tools needed to process payments and manage sales, inventory, CRM data and more, all safely and securely.

Whether online or brick-and-mortar, AGMS is a trusted ally committed to your business’s growth and success.

Why Choose AGMS for Your Small Business?

Seamless, Secure & Easy-to-Use

Explore a wide range of easy-to-use, PCI-compliant POS and payment gateway solutions crafted exclusively for small businesses, ensuring seamless, secure transactions.

Industry-Focused Solutions

AGMS understands the unique needs of different sectors. Benefit from specialized solutions tailored for your industry, whether you’re in Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, or beyond.

Flexibility in Card Terminals

Choose from countertop, mobile, and contactless credit card terminals that match the unique pace and style of your small business operations.

Software Solutions

Our powerful software streamlines in-store and online payment processing facilitating efficient inventory management, sales, and CRM reporting. Our systems integrate with Quickbooks® and many of the world’s most popular business apps.

Trusted Partners

AGMS is more than a service provider; we are your trusted partners. Our world-class (human) customer service ensures that you’re supported every step of the way, 24/7/365


As your business grows, AGMS grows with you. Our solutions are scalable, empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to scale efficiently and confidently.

Our Solutions

Custom Small Business Payment Processing Solutions

Choose from a wide selection of merchant services, payment processing tools, and business management software designed especially for your small business.


Elevate the salon experience with AGMS's tailored payment solutions designed for barbershops, hair and beauty salons, health and fitness centers, nail salons, and spas.

Food & Beverage

Explore the flavors of success with AGMS, offering specialized payment solutions for bars, breweries, coffee shops, and restaurants, ensuring seamless transactions in the food and beverage industry.


AGMS understands the critical nature of healthcare services. We provide secure payment solutions for dentists, doctors, and hospitals, ensuring the financial side of healthcare runs as smoothly as patient care.

Hospitality & Travel

AGMS caters to the unique needs of the hospitality and travel industry, offering payment solutions for travel agents and hotels, ensuring a seamless booking and payment experience for guests.


AGMS serves government entities, offering reliable payment processing solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of government agencies.


Empower your cause with AGMS's payment solutions tailored for non-profit organizations, ensuring a seamless and secure way to manage donations and contributions.

Professional Services

From automotive services to contractors and home repairs of every kind, AGMS provides payment solutions that cater to the unique needs of professional service providers, ensuring smooth transactions for their clients.


AGMS transforms retail transactions with customized payment solutions for beer, wine, and liquor stores, CBD dispensaries, clothing stores, home goods, and grocery stores, providing a seamless shopping experience.

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