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Payment Processing

Discover how AGMS can uplift non-profits and NGOs, including charities, foundations, churches and educational institutions with flexible, quick and secure payment processing.

Manage your non-profit effectively
with AGMS Payment Solutions

Ensuring success in the non-profit world can be a challenge. Meeting revenue goals and operating efficiently are more than requirements, they are responsibilities that you owe to your donors and communities you serve. With AGMS payment processing solutions, you can leverage all of the same tools and technologies that today’s most successful for-profit companies use to meet your operational and fundraising needs.

We help charities, foundations, churches, NGOs, and non-profit educational institutions like colleges and universities, effectively fulfill their missions. We help them streamline operations while providing for flexible and convenient payment and giving experiences. Our state-of-the-art payment processing solutions are PCI DSS compliant and customizable for the needs of any non-profit organization.

Merchant services for charities, foundations, churches and NGOs

Modernize payment transactions

Offer convenient ways to pay: POS, Web, Mobile, Contactless

Accept more forms of payment: debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and more!

Automate payments, spend less time administrating

Secure PCI DSS and NFC-compliant payment processing

Our Solutions

Helping Non-Profits Thrive in the Digital Age

AGMS tailors payment solutions to help non-profits thrive in the digital age, empowering organizations to achieve success more effectively. Our payment processing hardware and software are easy to set up, and integrate with QuickBooks, and many other popular business apps. We are also renowned for our personalized customer support and committed to being here for you, every step of the way.

Charities & Foundations

For charities and foundations, AGMS offers modernized payment transactions, enabling seamless giving experiences and increased donor engagement.


Churches benefit from AGMS's comprehensive solutions, convenient payment methods, and enhanced congregation engagement and giving experiences.

Higher Education

AGMS provides advanced payment technologies, allowing institutions to efficiently manage transactions and support students' financial journeys.

AGMS: A Heart for Philanthropy

At AGMS, non-profits are close to our hearts, so much so that for every transaction made, we donate a portion of our earnings to non-profit organizations, positively impacting lives all around the world!

We partner with the Tim Tebow Foundation to meet global needs in the areas of anti-human trafficking and child exploitation, orphan care and prevention, profound medical needs, and special needs ministries.

When your non-profit works with AGMS, you can enjoy knowing that you are working with a partner who understands and believes in the “cycle of giving”, and how payments can align with purpose to empower others.

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