Managing Security for Your e-Store Essential
Steps for Digital eCommerce

Thinking about improving your website security?

You’re right to be concerned!

Website security is one of the most critical factors in creating a safe digital experience. Whenever customers visit your website, they expect you to manage the security requirements and ensure that their data and privacy are protected throughout their experience.

In today’s landscape, ignoring website security requirements is a costly risk you cannot afford to take. Following industry-standard procedures can enhance your e-store security and create a reliable experience.

Steps to Improve Website Security

Due to the increase in hacking attempts, ransomware, and other viruses, businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest threats to their store and take proactive steps to protect the business against these acting threats.

Don’t Store Sensitive Customer Data

Implementing the highest standards of privacy and customer security are extremely important in today’s era. Leading eCommerce companies are tackling the challenge by encrypting sensitive information on the website. This means that critical data, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other login credentials, are transmitted security and cannot be intercepted. In the scenario where the information is encrypted, the data cannot be deciphered in malicious intrusion attempts.

Techniques like tokenization are an effective way to process customer payments without dealing with customer data. Working with a PCI-compliant provider helps you minimize this risk and streamline operations.

Regular Security Review

Reviewing your security policies allows you to weed out vulnerabilities and potential areas of weakness. Regular scans protect your website against security threats and allow you to check the security of your website and review potentially dangerous activity. Regular securities reviews keep you updated with the security condition of your website and allow you to take preemptive action against hacking attempts.

Hackers often show a pattern of intrusive attempts before they’re able to succeed in their attempts. Establishing a regular review policy allows you to take charge and take action against suspicious activity before it becomes a bigger problem for the website. Regular security reviews also provide you with consistent insight on changes made to your server. By reviewing the server logs, you can easily identify the source of the problems.

Maintaining Regular Backups

The worst-case scenario for any eCommerce website is to lose valuable customer data because of a security breach. Thousands of startups suffer from security issues that result in expensive data loss. To prevent that scenario, the best way is to implement regular backups to keep your data protected. Even aside from security requirements, regular backups serve as an effective way to improve contingency management and minimize risk.

Shift to HTTPS Security

In the past, secure HTTPS certificates were largely limited to the payment processing segments of your website. Today, the security requirements are shifting to a different dynamic. Web browsers and search engines are requiring companies to adopt the HTTPS standard across the entire website.

A key factor in this change has been the policy shift by Google. The search engine company announced that HTTPS was going to be a key ranking factor for websites. The company further implemented a penalty on websites that were not using the HTTPS security standard. Similar steps were taken by Mozilla in 2015 to protect customers from phishing attacks and unsecured connections. Today, browsers discourage users from visiting sites that are still using the HTTP standard. The error message can be a major deterrent in the customer experience and can drastically limit the usability of your website.

To protect your company against these penalties, the best option is to shift to HTTPS security. You can simply install an SSL certificate from a reliable vendor to address this issue and create a secure interface for users. Working with a reliable company like AGMS can simplify the process and help you make the shift within days.

Protecting Admin Area with
Additional Security

One of the most basic ways to protect your website security is to protect your admin area with additional security modules. Here are some ways you can improve your admin area security.


ReCAPTCHA is one of the most popular tools to protect your website against automated hacking attempts by bots and hacking scripts. These tools require users to prove that they’re human by implementing puzzles on the sign-up page. Adding a ReCAPTCHA to your admin area will protect your website against hacking attempts by automated scripts and bots

2-Factor Authentication

This security method requires the admin to enter a unique code from a smartphone device alongside the login password. The 2-factor security system creates a much more secure login interface and ensures that hackers are not able to get into the system even if they’re able to somehow access the password.

Email Alerts

In most cases, companies fail to notice hacking attempts until it is too late. Login alerts mitigate this issue by providing you with real-time alerts about intrusion attempts. Any time a new device attempts to log into your website, the email alert feature sends an alert on your saved email with details of the device. This allows you to deliver a prompt response against hacking attempts and increase website security.

Integrate a Secure Payment Gateway – Work with AGMS

Using an unsecured payment system can have a detrimental impact on customer trust. It could also leave your website exposed to viruses, hacking, and malicious attempts by bad-faith actors. Integrating a secure payment gateway protects your website by offering a safe interface for users. With features like encryption, tokenization, and 3DS security, the gateways also increase consumer trust in your platform. Adding the right system can also help you minimize transaction costs and create a seamless customer experience.

Improve Your Website Security by Integrating a Reputed payment gateway to your website. Work with AGMS to find the right fit for your company.