April 23, 2022

How to Setup Food Delivery Service for Your Restaurant

Since the Covid 19 era, being a restaurant owner has been one of the most challenging jobs in the world. From figuring out how to keep your business afloat to managing employee salaries, it is fair to say that the recent few years have been really hard. Through this turbulent time, business owners had to reconsider their business models and explore innovative ways to generate revenue. The food delivery model has been the most popular way businesses have pivoted during the pandemic. Even if your business survived through lockdown without setting up a food delivery, now is the perfect time to jump on the train. The food delivery industry is expected to dominate the market due to changing consumer trends. Studies by leading consulting firm Deloitte suggest that the food delivery industry will witness a growth of over $40 Billion by 2023. In this post, we’ll provide insight into how you can pivot your restaurant and add food delivery to grow your business to the next level.

Shifting to a Reliable Restaurant POS System

Your restaurant point of sale system can be one of the most impactful tools to help you expand your business. The POS system will help you manage delivery options, online orders, and customer information in an integrated environment. Leading POS systems come with a custom dashboard based on your restaurant requirements to help you cater to your business needs. For food delivery, you want a restaurant point of sale system that allows you to digitally manage your operations. Modern POS systems easily integrate with digital websites and help you receive payments through multiple platforms. While selecting the POS system for your restaurant, it can also be a good idea to evaluate merchant services for restaurants. These merchant services allow you to process credit card payments seamlessly.

Upgrading Kitchen Setup

Most restaurant owners often ignore the importance of an optimized kitchen line. When you’re setting up your delivery business, it is important to train your staff on the rigor of online delivery. Modern delivery systems often include online delivery tracking to facilitate customers and track performance. Your staff must be trained in the digital system to improve system efficiency and performance. If you’re a small business owner, it is important to review order data to optimize your kitchen line. Late-night orders are a common occurrence during certain times of the year, while you might witness a surge in event orders near Christmas or special events. Optimizing your kitchen line to accommodate these changes is essential. Putting in the time to train your employee on using the restaurant credit card processing system can be a worthwhile investment. Having a well-scheduled operation plan is useless if your team is not appropriately trained to deliver the required performance. When you communicate the new operational requirements, your team must be adequately trained to deliver consistent results.

Selecting the Right Delivery Service

As a business owner, there are two ways you can go about establishing the delivery service. The first option is to establish your own delivery service. However, that can be highly cost and time-intensive. You’ll need to develop a training and management routine and make a significant investment in the development. The simpler option is to outsource your delivery service to a reliable provider like UberEats, Grubhub, or DoorDash. Going with a proven provider will give you access to a developed market and trained drivers. You’ll simply have to integrate these services into your existing POS system to get started. However, outsourced delivery services can often come with significant fees and charges. Make sure that you carefully evaluate your options before making the final decision. If you’re able to make the investment, hiring a personalized driver with your in-house system can be a more profitable option in the long run. The best point of sale systems will work seamlessly with your chosen delivery service.

Managing the Branded Packing

Unlike a conventional restaurant setting, a food delivery setup requires an effective packaging solution to ensure that your customers are able to receive their dishes at the right temperature. Developing the right packaging can be a worthwhile investment for your brand. Finding temperature-controlled study materials can be a great way to get perfect feedback every time. It is important to consider the fact that a lot of online customers only get to evaluate your quality by the delivered package. Your package will make the first impression, so make sure it stands out.

Launching a Specialized Menu

Depending on the nature of your product line, it’s a great idea to develop a specialized menu for delivery. Non every restaurant product can be effectively delivered to customers. You can offer discounted prices on the specialized menu to outcompete the competition and offer an attractive proposition to your customers. Before developing your menu, make sure you research creative delivery options for your products. There are always intuitive ways to deliver your products to your customers. However, in the menu finalization process, adequate testing is essential to ensure that you taste-test the menu before putting it out to customers. To share the details with your customers, you can seamlessly manage the menu through your restaurant point of sale application by uploading the details of the products. Customers will be able to access the menu on your website and applications to make their orders.

Cater to Customer Needs With Digital Delivery Solutions

In today’s digital landscape, it is essential to expand your restaurant business with delivery options. You need to explore the available options in the market to integrate a reliable POS system and setup the required infrastructure. Getting an effective restaurant POS can allow you to simplify inventory, order, and customer management. Leading providers allow you to skip a ton of the hassle by offering hardware and software resources.

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