Contactless Payments Beyond the Covid Era – Attracting New Customers


Covid 19 emerged as a critical factor in boosting the adoption of contactless payments around the world.

Despite the end of the pandemic, trends from the Covid 19 era have managed to stay an important factor. Today, consumers expect companies to offer contactless payments to simplify their payment experience.


A study by Mastercard showed that 79% of global consumers now use contactless payments, with 87% planning to continue their usage even after the end of the pandemic.

Post-pandemic, contactless payment offers users ease, convenience, and efficiency. These payments provide extra security, faster transactions, and customer loyalty incentives so businesses of all types can benefit from the technology. Businesses need to explore offering contract payments to consumers to improve revenue and increase customer engagement.

The article will explore how your business can switch to contactless payment to meet customer demands for easy, instant, and secure transactions.

Why Choose Contactless
Payments For Your Business?

 Contactless Payments are Instant and Convenient

Contactless payments make the experience of checkout quicker and more convenient for all the parties involved. When a contactless payment service is used, customers can skip processes such as typing their pin or swiping their card. The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology ensures that payment goes through in seconds when the customer taps their card against the terminal.

The NFC-based contactless cards allow the customers to transmit payment information to the POS vendors by waving a contactless credit and debit card at the reader. Leading examples of NFC mobile payments include Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Contactless Payments are Safe and Secure

Contactless payments create a safe payment experience for customers and business owners by minimizing the odds of scams and frauds. Compared to traditional credit cards that use pins to complete transactions, contactless payments offer better security and encryption using advanced NFC technology. The secure technology reassures the customers that their information won’t be intercepted by hackers whenever they make a payment using a contactless credit/debit card.

Contactless payments use NFC and RFID technology to prevent data skimming and deliver enhanced security for transactions. These secure transactions reduce fraud risks due to faster authorization time, making it difficult for thieves to steal the card’s information. Since there is no physical contact, the NFC technology secures payments for customers and business owners on both ends.


Post-Covid Mental Factor

Even though Covid 19 is largely over, the mental impact of the pandemic is still a major factor for customers. Offering contactless payments allows customers to experience the convenience of secure payments because they don’t have to make physical contact at any point during the transaction. Offering these payments can be a great way to attract customers that are looking for a safe payment option.


Improve Customer Satisfaction Through a Seamless Experience

Contactless payments are significantly faster than traditional payment methods such as credit cards. With a single tap from the smartphone, card, or wearable device on a reader, the customer’s payment is processed. Faster checkouts also have a positive impact on customer experience and satisfaction. Customers can also avoid the frustration of waiting in queues and businesses can benefit from decreased cart abandonment rates due to the added convenience.

While integrating a contactless payment system into your business, you do not have to worry about paying any additional costs. You would pay the same rate as a regular credit card transaction and enjoy all the benefits of offering contactless payments. With the aggressive rate of change to contactless payment adoption, businesses that fail to integrate the new technology will be missing out on potential customers.

Integrated and effective point of sale systems like Clover can offer you with an effective suite to accept contactless payments with ease. The suite also comes with integrated inventory management tools over the cloud to simplify your payment processing. The Clover payment suite also includes advanced analytics and insights to help you have a clear idea of your business performance in real-time.


Offer Loyalty Benefits to Your Customers

By embracing contactless payments, your store can offer several loyalty programs that sync with tap-to-pay smartphones that are used by your customers. These programs automatically confer discounts and loyalty points at the time of the payment. You can also establish partnerships with leading banks and offer cashback and incentives when you allow customers to make contactless payments at the stores.

You can also use contactless payments with an associated loyalty program to build meaningful customer relationships. The customer relationship includes a detailed profile of their preferences and behavioral patterns that allow you to improve lifetime customer value. By prioritizing customer relationships, you can also personalize the customer journey at the checkouts with messages and exclusive discounts.

As a business owner, you can increase loyalty by providing value through relevant rewards and using data-driven insights to improve the program’s value for your customers. The nature of the loyalty program can be customized based on your business requirements to deliver a value-added experience.



Add Contactless Payments to Your Business With AGMS

It can be difficult to manage the procedures that are needed to offer contactless payment at your business. The best way to offer these payments is to work with a company that simplifies the process for you. Our expert insight will help evaluate the best contactless payment methods for your business.

Partnering with a proven industry leader can save you the trouble of figuring out the semantics. You get exclusive hardware and software support along with excess to exclusive rates. The right partner will also simplify the execution by guiding you through the process and providing you with the insight you need. Working with an experienced company will also help you explore how contactless payment methods can financially benefit your business in the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.


Figure out the best ways to amplify your revenue by offering contactless payments to your customers. Work with AGMS to get personalized support and the best terms from leading payment providers.