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We connect you with the best fit payment processing solutions. We help brick and mortar businesses transition online, help restaurants find the best point-of-sale systems, help you understand your rates and how to lower them, and help online stores integrate with payment processors that actually fit your needs.

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So Sushi’s Story

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True Image’s Story

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Urban Cyclist’s Story

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Seamless Payment Acceptance on the Go

Simplify payments for your customers by offering payment acceptance on the go. Explore mobile payment solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Designed to support curbside payments, local delivery, and shipping.

Solutions that Cover All Your Business Requirements

Modern business requirements are always changing in real-time. AGMS provides a diverse range of business solutions to cover all your business verticals. Our online payment solutions are designed to optimize processing so you can focus on expanding your business.

Flexible In-Person Payment Solutions

Post-Covid, contactless, and EMV payments are integral customer requirements. Explore flexible in-person payment solutions to provide freedom to customers. Get a payment solution that allows your customers to tap, swipe, or insert directly. With the right tools, you can store the payment information in one space in real-time to track your business performance.

Limitless Processing Solutions for Your B2B Needs

AGMS offers secure B2B solutions with the highest level of data security to help you cater to your business requirements. Explore streamlined invoicing, recurring billing, and customized solutions for your business.

Embrace the ePayment Revolution — On-the-Go Payments

The digital era is here to stay. Cater to pressing customer requirements with single-click smartphone payment solutions with AGMS. Thousands of leading restaurants, mobile vendors, and cafés are embracing advanced online payment solutions to simplify payments for modern customers.

Showcase Your Digital Image – Setup Your Online

eCommerce solutions are the foundation of the new digital economy. Power your digital storage with customized payment solutions without any hidden fees or conditions with AGMS expert insight.

Point of Sale Systems (POS)

Thinking about optimizing your store management with an effective Point of Sale solution? AGMS is the perfect partner to help you implement a personalized solution for your business.

We’ve partnered with leading POS companies to provide you with unparalleled convenience. With AGMS, you can choose a personalized e-payment solution that caters to all your needs.

Online Payments



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Millions of domestic businesses are streamlining their operations with our help. Become a part of the network to experience unparalleled convenience.

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What is an online payment solution?

Online payment solutions allow customers to make payments online using electronic payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets. These solutions provide a safer payment solution for customers that don’t want to rely on cash payments. Online payment solutions can be easily integrated into conventional business systems to create an additional revenue stream.

Why are payment solutions important?
To expand your business, you need to make payments easier for your customers. Payment solutions effectively handle that requirement by allowing customers to make payments through different payment methods. These solutions are also important in today’s digital era because they allow you to receive payments online.
Why does your business need an online payment solution?

In today’s digital era, it is essential for businesses to have access to e-payments. Online payment solutions help your business grow by allowing you to receive payments from digital consumers. These payment solutions are compatible with a diverse range of payment forms and ensure that you’re able to effectively manage your e-payments.

How can I receive digital payments?

You can easily receive digital payments by partnering up with a reputed payment processing company. Payment solutions such as e-wallets, payment links, and UPI can help you receive payments and optimize your revenue.

What is payment processing service integration?

Payment processing data is a critical factor that allows businesses to optimize their operations. Payment processing services integration ensures that your business can receive data regarding credit/debit card payments directly into your digital ERP and CRM systems. These systems allow you to make informed decisions by having the complete context around payments.

Where are you located?

Even though our headquarters are based in Texas, we provide adaptive payment solutions to businesses throughout the United States.

Why use AGMS online payment services?

AGMS is a leading payment services company with a proven history of providing online payment solutions. The company personalizes the solutions based on business requirements to ensure that you’re able to receive payments in a hassle-free process.

What is a payment processor?

Payment processor services simplify your eCommerce operations by allowing you to receive debit/credit card payments directly into your bank account. These processes remove payment obstacles for businesses and facilitate payment processing.

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